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                      So here’s the thing. I’m broke. 
                               Like really broke.
        I owe some people some money sort of a broke. 

So because I have a thing I can maybe try and make some money with in addition to my current job (who’re cutting hours at the moment ahahaaa—), I’m taking commissions! Above are examples of what I can and am willing to do. Want a character sheet for your OC? I can do that! What a new set of modern casual clothes for your fantasy-based character? I can do that, too! Just a headshot of your favorite character for you sir? SURE AND BOY HOWDY. And gosh lord do I know how you’ve been hankering for a pinup version of the entire cast of Final Fantasy IV and wow I’d love to set your fabulous face up. 

Let’s look at the prices for the plain stuff. These are for one character only.

  • Sketched bust-up — $4.00
  • Rough colored bust-up — $8.00
  • Chibi sketch — $2.00
  • Colored chibi — $5.00
  • Waist up sketch — $5.00
  • "Painted" Waist up — $10.00
  • Full body sketch — $7.00
  • Full body flat color — $11.00
  • Full body ‘painted’ — $18.00 

  • Original character sheet — 25.00
    By default, this will include a full body sketch from the back, side and front of the character (the ‘front’ sketch will be flat colored), color reference “dots”, and a set of three facial shots- straight on, 3/4 and profile views.

These are basic quotes for regular human characters — anthros, excessively armored characters, and the like will cost a little extra; cannot draw mechs to save my life, but if you REALLY REALLY want me to try to draw your favorite Gundam I’ll do my best, but eehck be careful with that, haha. There will also be add-ons for more then a single character, a particular style and yadda yadda. Just ask for quotes if you have something specific in mind!

Also, just so you know, I take USD and do all of my transactions through Paypal with a personal ‘gift’ payment, so there will be no extra fee. You may use the “goods and services” option if you wish, but you will have to cover the standard Paypal fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. It’s all up to you! =3 Also, if you would rather not see this post again, I will be tagging it ‘JEB COMISH’  every time I reblog it, so you can block it! Sorry for the length.

Thank you for your consideration and you have a fabulous Tumble, yiis. I look forward to hearing from you, even if it’s just a chibi sketch~!

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I swear I’m not even two minutes in and I couldn’t resist.

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i can’t believe nagisa finally proposed

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Adventure Time Art by:


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I had tons of amusing moments in the Spotpass chapters and DLC’s I finally got an access to. In this one (Hot Spring) Morgan dodged himself literally off screen and it looked like the risen just exploded by itself (something I always find funny)

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this is the most accurate representation of this scene


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man, it just would never work. she’s the most popular girl in school and i’m….i’m…..i’m just doug dimmadome, owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome

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cosplayer: Ryu Lain

this isn’t cosplay this is just the actual levi accidentally modeling

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isolated - a mix for those that feel lonely/helpless by tumblr user vlnea (with help from tumblr user ttenten!!)

Listen / Cover Art Credit


01. calm me down - mother mother // 02. twilight galaxy - metric // 03. loficries - purity ring // 04. feel it all around - washed out // 05. map of the problematique - muse // 06. binary mind - ra ra riot // 07. dadada - the naked and famous // 08. heavy rope(acoustic) - lights // 09. sans soleil - miike snow // 10. ghosting - mother mother // 11. if i ever feel better - phoenix

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Brawly actually turned his gym into a gym. It’s finally been done.image


The gym gym is finally reborn

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